Narendra Modi refers to ‘certain circles’ at Hamid Ansari’s farewell in Rajya Sabha, says outgoing V-P now free to speak his mind

Constitutional positions, often given to politicians, have a legal obligation – to remain apolitical until the end of the term.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, speaking in the Senate, on the altar of Hamid Ansari as Chairman of Rajya Sabha and Vice President of India, said that now the outgoing vice president, deputy for decades, would feel more liberated by exercising their Political identity

The Prime Minister noted that Ansari, from a family of members of Congress, must have felt more restricted by the constitutional chains, since he was asked to play a non-political role during the last decade, while term of the vice president of India .

“From now on, you will be free to act, speak and work according to your ideology and the basic political instincts,” Modi said.

The prime minister said Ansari leans toward “certain circles” as it did in diplomatic missions, mainly in the countries of Western Asia, as well as Rector of Aligarh Muslim University and chair the Commission welfare of minorities.

“In Sabhi zimmedariyo ko nibhate tinting ak ek Prakar ke me Dayre rahe jiski vajah is APKI Kuch bhavanayein rahi hongi, Kuch soch rahi Hogi (You held responsibilities and has been associated with a certain” cirlcle “because opinions and perceptions are certain” , Said Modi.

Modi’s comments come in the context of the recent interview with Ansari Rajya Sabha TV, where he analyzed the cautious about growing intolerance in the country without being critical of a political party or individual.

As outgoing Vice President Ansari said Wednesday there was a sense of discomfort and insecurity among Muslims in the country, saying that the atmosphere of acceptance was threatened. Ansari, 80, also described as “disturbing thought” that indienit√© citizens were interrogated.

In the interview, Ansari spoke of incidents of lynching and “Ghar Wapsi ‘and rationalists killings as” breaking Indian values, impaired ability of authorities at different levels in different places to apply this should be an application of the Normal law of work and has done all the same as any indienit√© interviewed citizens is a disturbing thought. ”

Ansari, whose second five-year term as vice chairman ends on Friday, made the remarks in the context of intolerance and incidents of cows Vigilantism and comments made by some leaders of saffron in relation to the minority community.

He also said that, according to him, the propensity to assert his nationalism power of the day was “useless.” “I’m Indian and that’s it,” he said.

When asked a question about the government’s response to concerns about growing intolerance, Ansari had turned the issue to diplomatic allusion rather than taking a critical view of the ruling party.

“Well, there’s always an explanation and there is always a reason. Now it’s a matter of judgment, accepted the explanation accepts the reasoning and its raison d’etre,” said the diplomat when asked to comment specifically on government response.