JD(U) split ahead? Sharad Yadav faces the heat from party before visit across Bihar

A division at the Janata Dal United for could be on the cards, the far side of Sharad Yadav, who will be in Bihar for his two-day Public Interaction Program, starting Thursday.

Yadav congratulated Congress Ahmed Patel after victory on Tuesday in Gujarat Rajya Sabha polls and shortly thereafter, JD (T) returned Yadav’s confidant as secretary general.

Wednesday morning, Yadav took to Twitter to congratulate the veteran Congress for its victory. In response, Patel thanked Yadav for his support throughout his campaign.

Patel won his seat at the Rajya Sabha by a single vote on Tuesday. Challubhai Vasava JD (T), a tribal leader from southern Gujarat, said he had voted for Congress, while the BJP in power had contributed little to the tribes and the poor in the last 20 years.

He also said that the move was against the decision of its party leader and leader Nitish Kumar joining BJP in Bihar.

The member’s claim to JD (T) came at a time when the party has established ties with the BJP in Bihar to form the government.

“The president of the party (Nitish) has taken a more serious tone of the problem and relieved of his position as secretary general,” Tyagi said in his letter to srivastav.

“The act not only represents an antipartite activity, lack of discipline, but also a betrayal,” Tyagi said in the letter.

Presidents of the JD (U) units in at least 14 states have written to Nitish, who raises doubts about how he announced the decision to “break the alliance based on secularism”

The Indian Express reported. They also demanded a “collective decision” on the matter. Vasava was one of those who wrote the letters.

Yadav, who was the leader of JD (T) for years before Nitish takes over, calls for the new alliance in Bihar to betray the people’s mandate in the Assembly elections in Bihar two years ago.

Yadav was not happy with Nitish’s decision taken without consulting senior party leaders at a time when the unity of the opposition should be strengthened.

“Sharad Yadav was ignored and should take a final step soon,” a JD (T) leader told IANS. Leaving the route through Yadav, JD (U) has the qualified personal initiative Yadav.

JD (T) spokesman Neeraj Kumar said the former union minister would personally visit Bihar. “Yadav did not visit the invitation of Bihar JD (T).

So where is the question of the party? “He has said that Yadav will begin his visit in seven districts, including Patna, Muzaffarpur, Samastipur, Supaul and Madhepura.

According to a JD MLC (T), Yadav “party leaders meet and workers loyal to him for his position and read the political situation before making a decision.”

The tensions within the JD (U) have accumulated for months. As he opened the way to revive his association with the BJP, Nitish support the major reforms of Prime Minister Narendra Modi as the demonetization and deployment of GST has not been well received by Yadav.