North Koreans gather in support of government after Trump warning

Washington (United States): President Donald Trump gave North Korea an apocalyptic warning Tuesday saying it had “fire and fury” from its weapons programs, as it said Pyongyang considering a missile attack near the US territory of Guam.

Trump’s comments mark a sharp intensification of Washington’s rhetoric about North’s nuclear and missile programs – and its belligerent tone has expressed concern about China as well as US politicians and foreign allies.

The language used by the president echoed that adopted by Pyongyang in its usual promises to turn enemies like South Korea into a “sea of ​​flames.”

“North Korea has more threats to the United States,” Trump said of his golf club in New Jersey. “They will be received with fire and fury as the world has never seen.”

North Korea raised the bet a few hours later, saying it planned missile attacks near the strategic military facilities of the United States on US soil in Guam, the Pacific.

Once finalized, the plan could be put into action at “any time” once the leader Kim Jong-un has made a decision, the official Korean news agency said a military statement.

The remote island of Guam – a 210-square-mile point in the Pacific – is a major US military post and home to some 6,000 US troops stationed at all facilities, including Anderson Air Force Base and Naval Base Of Guam.

US bombers B1 based on Guam flew over the Korean peninsula KCNA said Tuesday that “it shows that the US imperialists are maniacs of nuclear war.”

The Pentagon did not comment on the story, but Post said two US officials familiar with the analysis had checked the overall conclusions of the assessment, and CNN said it had confirmed the report.

The experts have delayed a lot compared to accurate North capabilities, and a similar assessment of the DIA, there are four, was rejected by other intelligence organizations. But they agree that progress has been made quickly under Kim Jong-un.

Trump said that Kim “was very threatening, beyond a normal state.” “As I said, they will be greeted with fire and fury and, indeed, power,” he told reporters. EU officials have repeatedly said this year that military action against the North was an “option on the table.”

Tone Trump was significantly different Secretary of State for insurance Rex Tillerson last week that Washington was not looking for a regime change in Pyongyang, and his comments sparked a mixed response at home and abroad.

The main ally of northern China warned against “words and actions” that would hang tensions, while Germany said he was looking at rising rhetoric worsening anxiety. However, France has praised Trump’s “determination” to rise in Pyongyang.

US Republican Senator John McCain said Trump must walk cautiously when talking about the North, telling a US radio station: “All he’ll do is bring us closer to some kind of serious confrontation.”