NRIs in US welcome cabinet decision to extend proxy voting

The large non-resident Indian community of the United States welcomed the recent decision of the Union Cabinet to extend the proxy vote to the Indians of the overseas territories. “We welcome this movement”

Thomas Abraham, president of the World Organization of People of Indian Origin (GOPIO), said. Even an Indian citizen, despite having obtained the green card for more than four decades,

Abraham said that the decision of the Indian government in this regard is a dream come true for people like him and many others.

The Electoral Commission of India (EC) estimates that some 16 million Indian citizens living out of which approximately 70 percent are eligible to vote.

While most of them are in the Middle East, the United States, estimates range from 800,000 to 1,5 million.

An overwhelming majority of them are young people, university students or those with H-1B visas.

“This is a very good move, but you have to understand, what is the process,” said Sanjay Singh, a Ph.D. student at the University of Maryland College Campus Pak, located in one of the suburbs of Washington DC.

Having spoken about it through social media and online, Singh felt that this measure would only be used if NRIs are allowed to vote online.

“This is not the case now,” said Stephen M E, founding president of the Kerala Center in New York. “There is a high probability that delegations of votes are misused.

This could also be for good, “said Stephen, who retains his Indian citizenship despite holding a green card for more than four decades.

The main Senate Commission of India has recently interacted with prominent leaders of the American Indian community in New York and Washington.

Officials at the meeting said the comments were very positive, but many of them have been questions about the process.

The delegation was headed by Deputy Commissioner Elections Umesh and Sinha Elections Deputy Commissioner Sandeep Saxena.

Participants at these meetings welcome EC efforts and agreed to communicate and reach Indian citizens to register to vote, GOPIO said in a statement. In particular, GOPIO adopted a resolution in this regard in 1989.

Community leaders, like Esteban, favored personal vote in Indian diplomatic missions abroad to avoid abuse of proxy delegations.

However, officials of the Election Commission said that this measure could have a logistical problem.

However, they said the American Indians would discuss their observations and concerns with their top leaders.

“We prefer direct voting instead of voting for power. We believe we can find ways to ensure a secure voting process through it.

This is possible, “said Abraham, saying that the lack of a voting process by NRI is a violation of the constitutional rights of Indian citizens living abroad.

Many present at the meetings also expressed their view that overseas Indian citizens (OIC) should improve dual nationality. GOPIO also suggested that adequate representation to policyholders to NRIs in the Indian Parliament.

And the winner is Election Commission

There is no choice for a single post Rajya Sabha has never generated more heat than the one that ended after midnight yesterday. People were glued to the TV all day.

Social media was abominable with speculation. What made this choice special? Is the hype of the media by TV channels competed for TRP, or problems that were very serious and unprecedented?

It was, in effect, interesting questions about the scourge of the horse trade operation of the law against desertion, the power and role of the EC, the acronym of the secret ballot and two dubious votes whose secrecy was violated.

The first commercial horse issue began with large-scale defections from Congress. Six members of Congress have joined the BJP, seven defects later and one cross vote.

When the game began desertion, Congress transferred the remaining 44 members of Congress-led Bangalore security, where they camped at a luxury resort.

The unfortunate practice of taking parliamentarians in secret places, often against their wishes, almost three decades. Remember Aaya Ram Ram Gaya? With the power of rampant money, it is almost impossible to avoid desertions.

The purchase of our legislators is known and popularized the term “horse trade”. We have seen it untied all over the country.

The figures mentioned are obscure, bred in tens of millions – perhaps tens of millions of rupees. The ensuing debate over parliamentary holidays was interesting, where they heard the poachers accusing the party was trying to save their flock:

The proverbial boat calling the black teapot. The fact that none of the tourists has denied demonstrates the effectiveness of this step. The second problem was the applicability of the law against desertion.

The law worked on this case when the six parliamentarians who challenged BJP were excluded and disqualified from voting.

However, the seven people who have passed by could not be disqualified because the law against desertion works only when the whip is violated in the context of a legislative procedure; An election is not part of this process.

Note that desertions become endemic when the term of the House ends, and outgoing lawmakers have nothing to lose.

They soon discover some forgotten “principles” or “choking on the leadership style” of the other party.

Another issue that was raised was the note, which has been in operation since January 2014, but was soon discovered by Congress, which protested against itself alleging mal-intent faith against the EC.

They approached the issue to the Supreme Court they refused reason to suspend the operation and asked them why they had not raised for three and a half years. The SC, however, decide on the applicability of the note in the particular case of the Rajya Sabha elections.

His refusal to stay was rooted in the fact that article 329 specifically prohibits judicial interference in the electoral process that was launched. The EC has invoked this article.

Tryst With Inequality

As we approach our 71st Independence Day, we can not stop thinking about where we stand as a nation. I do not believe in a better way to evaluate our progress in measuring the noble aspirations enshrined in the Preamble of the Constitution which establishes our commitment to ensure justice, liberty, equality for all citizens and promotion of brotherhood among all.

How far have we made that commitment? Our Constitution should have helped to create a truly egalitarian society, but the power elite failed with the misery to guarantee equality and justice for all.

Despite impressive economic growth in the last two decades, inequality and injustice are everywhere. According to estimates by the World Bank (2015), the poverty rate in India has declined, but it is not very comforting: 172 million citizens still live below the poverty line, representing 24.5% of The world.

The fact that neoliberal jargon has abused distributive justice is obvious that most of India’s fashion currently accounts for 58 percent of the nation’s wealth. A major blemish in our society is the prevalence of manual exploration despite the strict laws that prohibit it.

There are about 2.6 million dry latrines in the country requiring manual cleaning, an unpleasant task imposed on Dalits of all religions by social sanction. That’s not all. Although laws developed specifically to protect the Dalits are in place, there is no delay in atrocities against the group.

According to the National Breed Commission, 54,355 registered cases, including rape, murder and fire committed against the Dalits in 2015, compared to 39,408 cases in 2013.

Another dark arena for injustice and inequality is rural India, where there are 68% of our population. India is autonomous in agriculture today is the world’s largest exporter of rice, the largest producer of milk and the second largest producer of fruits and vegetables.

The farming community has made sure that this happens. However, the endless waves of farmers’ suicides are obvious manifestations of a tragic human passing.

They are victims of an unjust system where even abundant crops do not provide a reasonable profit; When there is no insurance against the whims of nature or the volatility of the market;

Where the government’s approach is to contain food inflation in cities, there is little importance to whether the producer pays adequate remuneration; When the ruling class obsesses smart cities and high-speed trains, while rural India continues to lack basic infrastructure.

Our founding fathers emphasized fraternity as an essential ingredient in building a vibrant democracy. Jawaharlal Nehru had warned that “it is for the ruling community not to use its position in any way that could damage secular ideals of the nation.”

Now, Indians can stay for up to 60 days in Qatar without getting a prior visa

New Delhi: Indians and nationals from 46 other countries can now stay up to 60 days in Qatar without obtaining prior approval.

Qatar Airways announced Thursday that the Qatari police Wednesday abolished the visa requirement before citizens of 80 countries.

The countries were divided into two parts with different periods of stay, 60 days and 90 days under the new regime without visas.

“Citizens from 47 countries (including India) will not require prior approval and may obtain a visa waiver upon arrival in Qatar.

The waiver will be valid 30 days from the date of issue and will entitle the holder to spend up to 30 days in Qatar, single trip or multiple trips.

This waiver can be extended for another 30-day period, “the airline said in a statement. Other countries on the list include the US, UK, Australia, China and Russia.

“Citizens of 33 countries do not require prior approval and can obtain a visa exemption upon arrival in Qatar.

The waiver will be valid for 180 days from the date of issue and gives the right to spend up to 90 days in Qatar, only travel or several trips, “the statement said.

These countries are mainly members of the EU, such as France and others, such as Turkey. Citizens of these 80 countries wishing to visit Qatar no longer submit an application or pay a visa.

Instead, a multiple waiver entries will be issued at the port of entry, with the filing of a valid passport with a validity of at least six months and a return or confirmed ticket, the airline said.

Qatar Airways group leader Akbar Al Baker said that the measure “the State of Qatar as the most open countries in the region.

This is a momentous occasion for Qatar, which makes the number of nationalities eligible to enter the country without a visa in the highest region, which we are very proud of.

Qatar Airways is the patriotic standard bearer of the State of Qatar and as such we are very honored to bring together millions of people every year in our beautiful, welcoming and historic country.

This important initiative of the Ministry of Interior and the Qatar Tourism Authority will give you the opportunity to welcome more visitors, more countries to discover the many attractions that await you.

“The country also plans to further improve its visa policy, since the exemption of the visa requirement for holders of a residence permit or a valid visa from the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman,

Saudi Arabia and UAE), United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The exemption would allow eligible visitors to obtain an electronic travel authorization by completing a simple online application at least 48 hours before the trip, “the airline said.

Hearing loss of US diplomats in Cuba blamed on covert sonic device

US diplomatic relations with Cuba two years ago has been hidden on Wednesday that US officials say it is a series of strange incidents that left a group of US diplomats in Havana with severe hearing loss attributed to a secret audio device.

In the fall of 2016, a number of US diplomats began to suffer unexplained hearing loss, according to officials with knowledge of the investigation of the case.

Several diplomats were newcomers to the embassy, ​​which opened again in 2015 as part of the recovery by former President Barack Obama diplomatic relations with Cuba.

Some of the diplomatic symptoms were so severe that they were forced to cancel their tour early and return to the United States, authorities said. After months of research,

US officials have come to the conclusion that diplomats have been exposed to an advanced device that works out of reach and deployed inside or outside their homes.

It was not immediately clear whether the device was a weapon used in a deliberate attack or had another purpose. The US authorities were not allowed to speak publicly about the investigation and talk about anonymity.

State Department spokesman Heather Nauert said the United States has rebuked for the expulsion of two Cuban diplomats from its embassy in Washington May 23

He did not say how many US diplomats have been affected or have been confirmed to have suffered a hearing loss, and only said that they had “a variety of physical symptoms.”

The Cuban government said in an extensive statement Wednesday that “Cuba has never permitted or authorized the Cuban territory to be used for any action against diplomatic officials and their families, without exception.”

The statement from the Cuban Foreign Ministry said that it had been informed of the incident, on February 17 and launched a “comprehensive, high priority and urgent demand of the highest levels of the Cuban government.”

He said the decision to expel two Cuban diplomats was “unjustified and unfounded.”
The ministry said it had established a committee of experts to analyze incidents and enforced security around the US embassy and US embassies.

“Cuba is universally considered a safe destination for visitors and foreign diplomats, including US citizens,” the MP said. Officials told the AP that almost five diplomats, many of them with spouses had been affected and no children were involved.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Diplomatic Service enquêtent.Cuba Security employs a state security apparatus that keeps a large number of people under surveillance and US diplomats are among the most seen people on the island.

Like virtually all foreign diplomats in Cuba, the victims of the incidents lived in homes owned and maintained by the Cuban government. Nauert said that the investigators had not yet made a definitive explanation of the incidents, but noted that they were taking “very seriously”, as shown by the expulsion of Cuban diplomats.

Trump threatens North Korea with ‘fire and fury’

President Donald Trump followed his incendiary warning to North Korea against the US. Threatened with a boast Wednesday in the strength of the United States nuclear arsenal, although he hoped it would not take use.

Twitter messages from Trump’s nuclear arsenal arrived after North Korea said it was considering plans for a missile strike in the US territory of Guam in the United States Pacific. He then followed the comments of M. Trump on Tuesday that any North Korean threat from the United States would be full of “fire and fury”.

“My first term as president was to renew and modernize our nuclear arsenal. It is now much stronger and more powerful than ever before,” said M. Trump. “We hope we never have to use this power, but it will never be a time that we are not the most powerful nation in the world!”

The sharp rise in tensions between a country that has one of the world’s largest nuclear arsenals and a nuclear boom erasing financial markets led US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to try to delay the rhetoric.

While Mr. Trump said the nuclear arsenal was more potent than ever, US officials say it takes decades to actually modernize nuclear weapons, a movement already under the administration of President Barack Obama, and there are treaties that regulate the expansion nuclear. Trump administration still conduct a review of the nuclear stance.

Shortly before Mr. Trump’s statements about the nuclear arsenal, Mr. Tillerson landed in Guam for a pre-press visit after he did not believe there was an imminent threat to North Korea and that “Americans should sleep well at night.”

Tillerson said that with his “fire and fury” warning, the US president was trying to use the kind of language that would resonate with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. North Korea regularly threatens to destroy the United States

“What the President did is send a strong message to North Korea in a language that Kim Jong Un would understand because he does not understand diplomatic language,” Tillerson said.

This morning, North Korea said it “carefully examined” a Guam attack plan, home to about 163,000 people and a US military base that includes a submarine squad, an air base and a Coast Guard group.

The plan was implemented at any time after Kim made the decision, a spokesman for the Korean People’s Army said in a statement released by the KCNA state news agency.

Governor of Guam, Eddie Calvo, dismissed the threat and said the island was prepared for “any eventuality” with strategically placed defenses. He said he had been in touch with the White House and that there was no change in the threat level. “Guam is a US plant … We are not just a military facility,” said M. Calvo in an online video message.

North Korea, which tracks missile and nuclear weapons programs in violation of UN Security Council resolutions, also accused the United States of America. Of having designed a “preemptive war” and said another report that any plan to execute it would be filled with a “casual” war, erasing all enemy strongholds, including the American continent.

Deadly earthquakes in China’s recent history

The most important earthquake in the world was supposedly the huge disaster in 1556 that affected the northern province of Shaanxi, more than 8 30 000 people.

Earthquakes have sunk China throughout its history, the last night of next Tuesday – a magnitude 6.5 earthquake shook the mountainous Sichuan province in the southwest.

It was followed by a 6.3-magnitude earthquake more than 2 000 km in the Xinjiang region, northwest of the country Wednesday morning, but there were no immediate reports of damage or loss in the remote area.

The most important earthquake in the world was supposedly the huge disaster in 1556 that affected the northern province of Shaanxi, with estimates of the number of deaths rising to more than 000 8.30.

Some of the greatest Chinese tremors of the last century:

December 16, 1920: 230,000 perish in an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 in the northwest of Gansu Province.

May 23, 1927 More than 41 000 people die in Gansu in an earthquake of 7.6.

January 5, 1970: More than 15 000 people die in an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.5 in Yunnan Province, to the southwest.

May 11, 1974: A magnitude 7.1 earthquake struck southwest of the Sichuan and Yunnan provinces. Estimates of the dead vary widely from 1 500 20 000.

July 28, 1976: The industrial city of Tangshan, 200 km (125 miles) east of Beijing, is stabilized by an earthquake of 7.8. Estimates of the range of mortality are between 250 000 and 800 000 people.

February 3, 1996: Up to 300 people were killed and thousands injured in a 6.6 earthquake near Lijiang City, Yunnan.

May 12, 2008: An earthquake measuring 8.0 magnitude shook Sichuan, leaving nearly 87,000 dead or missing. The earthquake was felt in the capital of Beijing, at 1 800 km as well. Another 4.45 million injured in the biggest earthquake disaster affecting China in a generation.

April 14, 2010: A magnitude 6.9 earthquake in a Tibetan area of ​​Qinghai kills in large part nearly 2 700 people and left more than 12,000 injured.

North Korea dismisses Trump’s threat, warns of ‘absolute force’

North Korea officially officially rejected threats from the president of “fire and fury” Donald Trump, saying that the American leader “deprived of reason” and the alert in question, “absolute power can only work on it.”

In a statement in the state press, Gen. Kim Rak Gyom, who heads the North Korean rocket command, also said that his country was “about to take a” military action near the Guam United States peace territory. He said the North would end a plan involving mid-August medium-range missiles that hit the water 30 to 40 kilometers off the island.

The plan then go to the commander of the North Korean nuclear force and “wait for an end,” said Kim Kim, quoted by KCNA. He called it a “historical fire enveloping Guam.”

The statement only served to increase tensions even later in a week that saw an avalanche of threats from both sides. Although the nuclear confrontation still seems very remote, the comments have caused deep discomfort in the US, Asia and beyond.

One day after referring to the use of the overwhelming military force of the United States, M. Trump made the atomic supremacy of America. He said his first term as president was to “restore and modernize” an arsenal “now much stronger and more powerful than ever.” It was a rare public weighing on the United States nuclear power.

And M. Trump’s vanity has only increased confusion as to the focus of his North Korean nuclear expansion-management contract in a day when his top national security aides were among the alarm and security messages.

If M. Trump’s objective with two days of difficult discussions was to scare North Korea, M. Kim, the commander, took this idea to rest quickly. M. Trump’s rhetoric described a “nonsense coup”, which aggravates a serious situation.

“The dialogue sound is not possible with a man so devoid of reason and only an absolute force can work on it,” said the KNCA report. Kim said the Guam action would be “an effective resource to restrain the frenetic movements of the United States in the southern part of the Korean peninsula and its environment.”

North Korea outlines plan to launch missiles toward Guam

North Korea announced Thursday a detailed plan to launch a barrage of ballistic missiles into the Pacific territory of the United States of Guam, a major military center and home to US bombers and rejected President Donald Trump’s threats “the fire and the Fury “if this is not the case again.

The announcement, made on behalf of a commanding general of the North Korean rocket, warned that Pyongyang is preparing a plan to pull four of its Hwasong-12 missiles over Japan and into the waters surrounding the small island, home to 7,000 Military base on two major bases and has a population of 1,60,000.

He said the plan could be finalized within about a week and then must turn to leader Kim Jong Un for approval. It belongs to Mr. Kim to approve the plan. He said the missiles would reach 30 to 40 kilometers (19 to 25 miles) off the island.

It is unclear whether North Korea could fire missiles so close to US territory, which could lead to countermeasures and further escalation.

North Korea often uses extremely bellicose rhetoric with warnings of military action to keep opponents on their heels. He usually lowers his threats with language by saying he will not attack the United States unless he was first attacked, or that an attack is imminent.

According to reports that the United States reports suggest that North Korea could combine a nuclear warhead with a missile capable of reaching targets in the Americas, M. Trump has warned North Korea that “it faces reprisals with The fire and the fury against what the world has seen before. ”

Meanwhile, Pyongyang has been stronger in its complaints against a new and harsh sanctions ceremony that was imposed by the United Nations, with strong support from the United States, and Washington’s use of Guam as a platform for stealth bombers, which could Be used to attack North Korea and are particularly concerned about leadership in Pyongyang.

According to the report, the Hwasong-12 rockets flew above the prefectures of Shimane, Hiroshima and Koichi Japan and will travel “1065 seconds before hitting the water 30 or 40 kilometers from Guam.”

He said that the strategic force of the Korean People’s Army would end the plan in mid-August, present it to Kim Jong Un and “wait for his order.”

“We carefully monitor the speech and behavior of the United States,” he said. This movement is not only a test launch, but a demonstration of military capabilities so that it could easily lead to serious consequences.

If North Korea were actually to undertake such a start, even if it is to hit the waters of the island, not the island itself could clearly constitute a potential threat to United States territory and put the United States in a lot situation More complicated was the launch of previous missiles.

Guam is about 3,400 kilometers from the Korean peninsula, and it is highly unlikely that Kim’s government will be annihilated with a pre-emptive strike against US citizens. It is still unclear how reliable missile North Korea would oppose such a distant target, but no one listened to the danger altogether.

North Korea ‘considering’ missile strike after Trump’s ‘fire and fury’ warning

North Korea said on Wednesday it is considering plans for a missile strike in the US Pacific territory of Guam, just hours after President Donald Trump has said in Pyongyang that any threat to the United States would fill “fire and fury “.

The sharp rise in tensions has shaken financial markets and prompted US authorities and analysts not to participate in rhetorical games with North Korea.

Pyongyang said it “carefully examined” a plan to reach Guam, home to about 1,63,000 people and a US military base that includes a submarine squad, an air base and a Coast Guard group.

A spokesman for the Korean People’s Army in a statement issued by the state news agency KCNA that the plan was implemented at any time, once the leader Kim Jong Un made a decision.

Governor of Guam, Eddie Calvo, dismissed the threat from the North and said that the island was prepared for “any eventuality” with strategically placed defenses. He said he was in contact with the White House and that there was no change in the level of threat.

“Guam is a US plant … We are not just a military facility,” said M. Calvo in an online video message.

North Korea accused the United States of designing a “preemptive war”. In another statement, he said any plan to execute it would be filled with a “total war that would wipe out all enemy strongholds, including the United States.”

Washington has warned that it is willing to use force if necessary to stop North Korea’s nuclear and nuclear programs, but prefers global diplomatic action, including sanctions.

The UN Security Council unanimously imposed new sanctions on North Korea on Saturday.

M. Trump however, has made every possible warning to North Korea in comments to the press in New Jersey on Tuesday.

“North Korea is more threatening to the United States, they will be welcomed with fire and fury as the world has never seen,” he said.

North Korea did not hide its plans to develop a nuclear missile capable of attacking the United States and ignored international calls to halt its nuclear and missile programs.

Pyongyang says its intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) are a legitimate means of defense against perceived hostility from the United States, including joint military exercises with South Korea.

US stocks declined slightly after Mr. Trump made no comment, while a measure of general compliance with stock market anxiety ended at its highest level in nearly a month.

The dollar index fell and the yen shelter strengthened against the US currency after North Korea’s response.

Asian stock markets tumbled, South Korea’s benchmark index fell 0.9% and the Nikkei in Japan, down 1.6%.

“Tensions continue to rise and eventually could become a black swan event that markets do not consider carefully,” said Steve Hanke, a professor of economics at Johns Hopkins University, Reuters Markets Forum.

The United States has been technically at war with North Korea since the 1950-53 Korean conflict ended with an armistice instead of a peace treaty.