Ravi Shastri's appointment approved but no decision on Rahul Dravid, Zaheer Khan

Ravi Shastri’s appointment approved but no decision on Rahul Dravid, Zaheer Khan

Ravi Shastri’s appointment approved but no decision on Rahul Dravid, Zaheer Khan

NEW DELHI: The Steering Committee (CoA) said Saturday that support staff of the Indian cricket team will be named after consulting with head coach Ravi Shastri on July 22, they recognize the validity Zaheer Khan and the Designation of Rahul Dravid.

At a meeting attended by members of CoA Vinod Rai, Diana Edulji and BCCI CEO, Rahul Johri, the CoA approved the appointment of Shastri. However, the committee did not specify whether Dravid and Khan were implicitly on board as consultants for specific trips abroad, as requested by BCCI.

According to the minutes of the meeting, “other appointments consultants will be decided by the Committee in consultation with the coach.”

The CoA has formed a four-member group, including board chairman CK Khanna and CEO, Rahul Johri, to decide the remuneration of new trainer Shastri and other support staff members.

Edulji and Acting Secretary of the BCCI Amitabh Choudhary are the other members of the commission that will meet on July 19. This was decided after a CoA meeting on Saturday.

The new committee will join CoA with its recommendations on July 22, three days after leaving the team for the Sri Lanka tour on July 19.

“We have taken all the recommendations of the ACC for Ravi Shastri as head coach and we will discuss with him other coaches.

We have established a committee and they speak their (ACC), communicate with them after talking to Shastri. The support staff has been decided in consultation with the coach, “he told reporters after the Rai meeting.

“Three appointments that are critical for the technical staff have been decided. But you must see each one of them, they have to check their will and we must make sure that there is no problem conflict of interest.

Three-member cricketer Advisory Committee (ACC) has appointed Shastri as coach, while Dravid and Khan were appointed, respectively, bataillers and bowlers consultants for specific trips abroad.

However, the CoA stated that they (Zaheer and Dravid) were mere recommendations.
A recommendation was made and the CoA should act on the recommendation, that the recommendation will be followed in consultation with the coach. “There is no agreement, this is only a recommendation.
India will play the first test against Sri Lanka on July 26.

He was asked about the letter of the ACC expressing “pain” to the perception that the appointments of Dravid and Zaheer were forced on Shastri, Rai said: “ACC has made many connections with the CEO and me too. Each of these things “.

An advertisement for the chief of the Indian senior team will be broadcast immediately. Likewise, it will also be broadcast in an advertisement for the A and T-19 team managers.

Tejashwi Yadav skips government event attended by CM Nitish Kumar

Tejashwi Yadav skips government event attended by CM Nitish Kumar

Tejashwi Yadav skips government event attended by CM Nitish Kumar

NEW DELHI: The crisis has deepened into the big dominant alliance in Bihar Saturday with Deputy Chief Minister Yadav Tejashwi to skip an official role with Prime Minister Nitish Kumar in Patna.

Tejashwi, who is the youngest son of RJD Lalu Prasad Yadav, attends a program marking the first anniversary of ‘Vishwa Yuva Kaushal divas at Gyan Bhawan Patna. He was classified as a distinguished guest in a promotional brochure for the event.

According to authorities, the name of the plate Tejashwi Yadav was arranged earlier with the Nitish Kumar on a table at the event, but was covered first with a cloth and then rushed before the program officially begins.

Accused of corruption in the case of hotel land, Tejashwi has faced pressure to protect himself from allegations that he and his party have vehemently vehemently criticized him. There has also been a growing outcry from his resignation to the office of Minister Nitish Kumar.

After ICC filed a lawsuit against Yadav Tejashwi July 5, JD (T) has stepped up pressure on chief RJD, Lalu Prasad and members of his family to disclose the origin of “massive ownership” that would have him possessed.

Without removing names, JD (T) spokesman Neeraj Kumar addressed the opposition BJP allegations that members of the Lalu family had acquired Benami properties across the country, claiming it had to be explained.

A challenge, Tejashwi, said he had no intention of resigning and that the charges against him were a conspiracy described by the BJP.

To save his son, the chief RJD, Lalu Prasad, who was also investigated as part of a series of scams, has highlighted that Tejashwi was impeccable. He also reported reports of emerging faults in the great Bihar alliance.

“Tejashwi is not going to resign. There is no question of his resignation … Mahagathbandhan (Great Alliance for Management) is intact in Bihar,” Lalu said Friday after a party meeting.

Meanwhile, JD (T) leaders want the party leader, Nitish Kumar, to make the final decision on Tejashwi’s political fate over a recalcitrant RJD, who said the youngest son Yadav will not give up all costs.

“Nitish Kumar’s position on corruption is well-known. It will never endanger,” said JD (T) spokesman KC Tyagi.

Whale washed ashore on Mumbai's Rajodi Beach

Whale washed ashore on Mumbai’s Rajodi Beach

Whale washed ashore on Mumbai’s Rajodi Beach

Villagers along the beach, near Rajodi Nala Sopara, gathered to try to push a stranded whale seven feet into crisis on the beach in shallow waters Thursday.

However, their attempts were in vain because the mammal has continued to be driven ashore by strong waves and died a few hours later.

According to residents, the whale was first seen around 1:30 pm at the beach and local fishermen who saw immediately gathered and began to try to push the mammal into the water, trying to help back into the deep water.

“The waves were too strong and it was very difficult for people approaching the whale in trouble. Nothing seemed to work, although at one point it seemed to have regained its path.

But within seconds, he was pushed by the waves and it was obvious that the whale was too weak to swim back, “a witness said.

James Rodrigues, a 51-year-old resident of Rajodi village, shared this at 15 hours, the whale lay lifeless on the beach.

“Even then, some people tried to push him back into the sea, but they might feel that he did not respond and realized that nothing could be done.

We all felt pain while a beautiful creature died, “he said, adding that upon seeing the whale, hordes of people, among locals and tourists, gathered on the beach.

According to him, they quickly decided to bury the whale while many people have started taking pictures and have asked for more people on the beach.

“We called the firefighters and, with the help of local people, a well was dug and buried the whale because we do not want a complaint or bad smell of the channel to spread,” Rodrigues said.

While the coast has witnessed several streams of marine species, such as turtles, dolphins, porpoises, talking about this latest incident, marine biologists said that, looking at various images on social networks, the female whale appeared to be a dwarf or Spermace a pygmy sperm whale.

Researcher Mihir Sule, a member of the Konkan Research Team for Cetaceans (KCRT) said that both species belong to the genus Kogia and should not be confused with sperm because it was a different family.

These whales are rare to see as they are extremely shy indeed, they also carry a layer of skin just behind the eye that looks like the gills of a shark.

“Although we had the information, I contacted the mangrove cell and talked to the officials and it was decided that we will visit the site on Friday to take tissue samples and we can also identify the exact species after further investigation to the Channel, “he said.

Meanwhile, Ketki Jog, who is also a researcher at KCRT, said that while acknowledging the efforts shown by people trying to push the whale into the sea, he was glad that the injured were not injured.

“The whale has clearly struggled and fortunately it accidentally hit any of the rescue crews, as such impacts could result in serious injuries.

Studies have shown that beached animals are weak and even if they are pushed back to the sea, they may soon land and die, “he said.

Ten Tips to Avoid Failure in beauty services at home in Mumbai

Ten Tips to Avoid Failure in beauty services at home in Mumbai

There is some beauty parlour who provide beauty service at home.it is comfortable and easy for those women who don’t get time to go to a salon, traveling and taking the appointment.


Create a close contact with the customer: while a customer gets a good service from your reputation of beauty service will increase. They will advertise your beauty parlour by giving suggestion to other that they will go to that parlour.


Give a discount to the customer in beauty packages: this will attract customer because a customer only wants a discount in everything.so thus will also increase your customer

Ask your clients what they need/want: always rely on client’s feedback when they come to altering your service and offerings.


Offer new service and product: you can earn more money per customer and attract new customer by constantly revising your offerings.

Charge more: there are two things you must get right in order to pull this off successfully.

1)I don’t burst your clients price bubble (there is a cap to how much they’re willing to pay)

2)don’t forget to offer service worth that you’re charging (nobody wants to feel ripped out)

Handling business expenses: every business involves cash transaction and requires excellent money and management skill to ensures smooth cash flow.

Create referral program: car dealership does it? Why not you give current customers the opportunity to earn rewards for bringing in friends, family and even strangers.

You can offer discount on service, free product or consultations-anything to get new people in the door.

Look for unique marketing opportunities: one entrepreneurial Best salon owner in Mumbai, main writes a weekly hair advice column for weekly hair advice column for a weekly newspaper within circulation of over 17000.

(that’s big bang for a minute’s worthy of work)

Upsell existing clients: your existing clients can provide the most bang for your buck. You’ve already convinced them to come in your door.

therefore, you should take full advantage of this captive audience.by upselling your client s to more, better. And higher-priced product and services, you’re mining and existing market to ea4rn more money per individual without spending any more.