Ten Tips to Avoid Failure in beauty services at home in Mumbai

Ten Tips to Avoid Failure in beauty services at home in Mumbai

There is some beauty parlour who provide beauty service at home.it is comfortable and easy for those women who don’t get time to go to a salon, traveling and taking the appointment.


Create a close contact with the customer: while a customer gets a good service from your reputation of beauty service will increase. They will advertise your beauty parlour by giving suggestion to other that they will go to that parlour.


Give a discount to the customer in beauty packages: this will attract customer because a customer only wants a discount in everything.so thus will also increase your customer

Ask your clients what they need/want: always rely on client’s feedback when they come to altering your service and offerings.


Offer new service and product: you can earn more money per customer and attract new customer by constantly revising your offerings.

Charge more: there are two things you must get right in order to pull this off successfully.

1)I don’t burst your clients price bubble (there is a cap to how much they’re willing to pay)

2)don’t forget to offer service worth that you’re charging (nobody wants to feel ripped out)

Handling business expenses: every business involves cash transaction and requires excellent money and management skill to ensures smooth cash flow.

Create referral program: car dealership does it? Why not you give current customers the opportunity to earn rewards for bringing in friends, family and even strangers.

You can offer discount on service, free product or consultations-anything to get new people in the door.

Look for unique marketing opportunities: one entrepreneurial Best salon owner in Mumbai, main writes a weekly hair advice column for weekly hair advice column for a weekly newspaper within circulation of over 17000.

(that’s big bang for a minute’s worthy of work)

Upsell existing clients: your existing clients can provide the most bang for your buck. You’ve already convinced them to come in your door.

therefore, you should take full advantage of this captive audience.by upselling your client s to more, better. And higher-priced product and services, you’re mining and existing market to ea4rn more money per individual without spending any more.