Indian students worry about physical safety in US: Survey

Indian students worry about physical safety in US: Survey

WASHINGTON: Indian students have a “high level of concern” about a potential study in the United States and many of them worry about their physical safety and the feeling of not being, according to a new survey.

The International Education Institute (IIE) suggested that the final outcome of the June Supreme Court order that temporarily confirmed President Donald Trump’s order to restrict the entry of six mostly Muslim citizens into the United States weighs in mind.

With more than one million foreign students pursuing higher education in the United States, who contribute more than $ 36 billion to the US economy, the stakes are high, he said.

Founded in 1919, IIE is a non-profit corporation based in the United States to build peaceful and fair societies by advancing the stock market, by creating efficiency and promoting access to opportunities. It focuses on the international exchange of students and assistance, foreign relations and international peace and security.

IIE said the survey results indicate the highest level of institutional concern by the inclusion of students from the Middle East, followed by India.

Thirty-one percent of institutions are very concerned about the fact that Middle Eastern students who accepted admission offers may not reach the school in the fall and 20 percent are very concerned that Indian students do not Can reach the school, he said.
“This uncertainty raises valid concerns about whether students in the Middle East will not make up their minds about the United States study,” he said.

“Securing and maintaining a visa are presented as the main concern of these students were reported in 46 percent of institutions, while they feel welcome in the United States was almost equal concern, with 41 percent of institutions and taking note of Their conversations with students, “he added.

According to the IIE, the results of the study suggest that students in India “are very concerned about the study of potential in the US, 80% of institutions responded that physical security is the most pronounced concern for Indian students, while 31% of establishments reported that host sentiment was also a concern. ”

“Although the overall application seems to remain stable, the rate of performance and a concern for personal safety suggest the possibility that Indian students do not continue to become the second international group of higher education in the United States,” said IIE.

“Their concerns may make some Indian students accept admission offers other major host countries, particularly those issuing student visas more quickly.”

However, the IIE said that despite the widespread concern that the interest of international students in the United States could report the evidence from this study suggest that “this is not the case.”

He said that the interest of international students in the United States generally remains generally despite the current environment.
A 2 percent decrease in the expected rate of return this year compared to last year.

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