Prez Polls: NDA puts up united show during Ram Nath Kovind's visit, hints he will get over 200 votes from Maharashtra

Prez Polls: NDA puts up united show during Ram Nath Kovind’s visit, hints he will get over 200 votes from Maharashtra

The Bharatiya Janata Party and Shiv Sena and independents supporting the government of Maharashtra, presented on Saturday a show united by the victory of the NDA candidate Ram Nath Kovind in the election of the President of India.

Minister Devendra Fadnavis, who made the presidential election that followed a question of prestige, said Kovind more than 200 lawmakers voted for him in the vote scheduled Monday in the state legislature.

Fadnavis spoke at the meeting of NDA members and independent lawmakers and organized on the occasion of Kovind’s visit in the city. Kovind was accompanied by Minister of Road and Road Union Nitin Gadkari and Minister of Madhya Pradesh Kailas Vijayvargiya.

BJP’s senior partner Shiv Sena also reiterated his support for Kovind. The leader of the main party and minister of state industries, Subhash Desai said his party cling to his word.

In his speech, Kovind declared from the outset that they will perform their functions in an impartial manner, remaining within the constitutional framework.

A senior BJP minister, who declined to be identified, told DNA, “Kovind’s list of priorities, including a focus on education, especially modern education for all, improving the health sector and accelerating the process of Development, especially in less developed or less developed regions throughout India. ”

Minister Kovind was deeply concerned about the lack of adequate education centers in several countries despite the number of programs implemented by the center and the states.

In the 288 members of the Legislative Assembly of Maharashtra, the BJP’s strength is 123 and Shiv Sena 63. Fadnavis has already managed to garner the support of at least 14 independent.

Some BJP leaders have suggested that some lawmakers from the opposition Congress and the NCP can support Kovind. However, Congress and the PNC have denied such a possibility.

The Congress, with 42 members and NCP with 41 members is optimistic to get support from parties sharing the same ideas, including Samajwadi party, peasants and Workers Party, Republican Party of the Indian (Kawade) and some independents for the candidate Of UPA Meira Kumar. In Maharashtra, the value of the legislature’s vote is 175.

Meanwhile, Kovind skipped to visit Matoshree, the official residence of the president of Shiv Sena Uddhav Thackeray. However, Kovind, in the interest of Shiv Sena in a good mood, approached Uddhav Thackeray by telephone before traveling to Goa.

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